I’m just not sure what I got out of it.

I graduated from college in the early 00’s with only a small amount of student loan debt. …

Sometimes less is more.

I don’t know anyone that only works one job.

There’s there therapist that is building an Airbnb empire. There’s a mural artist working on a standup career. There’s a neurosurgeon spending his evenings writing.

We’re all supposed to be hustling all the time.

We’re trying to…

It’s a leap of faith

Having read thousand (well, at least hundreds) of articles on real estate investment, my husband and I finally made the leap and purchased our first rental property last week.

There are enough headlines about Gen Z investors owning 25+ properties with little or no money…

Loving and Hating Wordrunner

In December of last year, I dutifully set my reading goals for this year on Goodreads. I made a list of the 52 books that would get me there, and I checked off the first few in January.

Then life got in the way. An overwhelmingly…

Kids need to know there’s somewhere to go.

When I was growing up, my best friend’s house was always open. Whether she was home or not, her parents kept the door unlocked, and we were free to wander in and out as needed.

They did have one rule — if…

Conquer the morning.

I’ve read several books lately lamenting the dwindling attention spans in modern society. It all sounds great on paper : Just turn off your devices! Carve out hours for yourself! Say no to everything that comes along that doesn’t fit with your life’s mission!

It just seems…

A defense of wasting time.

When I was little, my mother was constantly telling me that I was unfocused. Not when it came to school, I did just fine there. I could devour books for days on end, but when it came to trying new hobbies, anything was game.


You’re holding yourself back.

There are many things that you need to start doing before you can start writing regularly. But before you can do any of those things, you need to stop doing these things.

Stop waiting for inspiration.

Just start writing. Grab a notebook or open an editor. Just start writing. …

I just can’t anymore.

I unfollowed my mother on Facebook tonight.

It seemed like an extreme step against an older person who lives 1,200 miles away, but I took that step tonight. I don’t want to see angry posts and conspiracy theories.

I might miss some of the pictures she…

Deceptively simple in theory.

I suck a meditation.

My mind wanders, I get antsy, I generally lack focus and commitment to the practice.

Doing nothing seems too… complicated.

About a year ago, I read about a simplified technique where you sit in meditation until you have counted 50 breathes.


Allison Fleck

Data analyst and life analyst. Proud maker of mistakes. A big fan of learning lessons the hard way.

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