Learning To Love Intermittent Fasting

Some days I watch the clock.

I’ve been slowly dipping my toes into the waters of intermittent fasting over the last couple of months. I will have a good day or two where I’m too busy to remember to eat and suddenly my fasting window is done, and I hunt down some food. Other days, I’m obsessing about food by 9 a.m. and eat something just so that I can focus and get my work done. It’s been hit or miss.

This is coming from someone who has attempted Whole 30 a half dozen times with adherence ranging from 3 hours to 3 days.

Even with my sporadic success with hitting my daily goal, I’ve lost 9 pounds over the last two months of intermittent fasting an average of 15 hours a day.

Since I rarely eat dessert in the evening or breakfast in the morning, it’s no trouble to make it a solid 12 hours every day. But when I start pushing myself towards 16 hours (or longer!), I’ve run into some roadblocks.

Obstacles I’ve Encountered

I’ve realized that there are a couple of reasons that I don’t hit my daily goal on a regular basis:

Failing to plan: When I end up at the office without any food packed for the day and decide that I can make it all the way to the end of the day without eating (which would put my fast at about 20 hours), I make poor decisions and end up at the corner store buying overly processed snacks.

Making Poor Choices: Occasionally, there is something that I really want to eat and I’ll pack it up to take to work to use to break the fast. On these days, having something I’m really craving nearby, usually causes me to cave and break my fast early.

Social Obligations: I’m not always the most social person at work, so I try to force myself to say yes to lunch invitations. These are often ill timed for my fast which should break later in the day, but I’m trying to balance my goals.

People Think It’s a Little Crazy: My husband rolls his eyes as he asks me if I’m in my eating window.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

But even though I’ve had several obstacles present themselves, I’ve slowly fallen in love with intermittent fasting.

Simplicity: There is very little thinking involved once I’ve set my fasting schedule for the day.

Less Hungry: I find that I’m (usually) not hungry until it’s time to eat. My body has adapted to the schedule.

It’s Forgiving: If I mess up and eat all day, I simply start again the next day. Unlike other diets that demand 7–30 of adherence to see results, intermittent fasting can be done whenever it’s possible (although the more days I string together in a row, the better the results).

It’s Working: As I stated at the beginning of this article, I have lost nine pounds in about two months without counting calories or worrying too much about what I eat.

Overall, I plan to continue sticking to 16–20 hours a day of fasting followed by an eating window. I’m loving the results and the ease of sticking to the eating pattern (most days).

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